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Post accepts the nomination as an alternate delegate of Andrews for the Committee of Five.

Thomas and others request Addams's presence at a meeting.

Addams seeks financial contributions to support the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace's congress to be held after the war.

Addams discusses the Woman's Peace Party and the conflicting pulls on her life.

Addams explains to Eastman and Williams that she believed they had reached an understanding when she approved the calling of a New York State peace convention.

Addams explains the controversy between the New York State and New York City Woman's Peace Party branches, but believes it can be resolved.

Addams asks Mead to mediate between the New York branches of the Woman's Peace Party by meeting with the two groups with Emily Balch.

Addams sends Mead her views on how the Woman's Peace Party should handle the dispute between New York State and City branches.

Addams sends Woolley the decision on the Peace Conference plan and asks for her opinion.

Addams explains the need to fill a vacancy left by Kelley's resignation and recent elections for the Committee of Five.

Addams informs Post that she will be voted on as a substitute for Andrews as a delegate to the Peace Conference.

Addams sends Balch updates for the Peace Conference and asks for her opinion.

Marple wants to leave part of her fortune to a peace organization that is unfaltering in its ideals and asks Addams if the Woman's Peace Party fits that description.

Addams sends Eastman her travel plans.

Addams tells Hull that she stands with him on the enclosed list of questions and notes that she has heard news of the end of the war.

Addams thanks Culver for her donation to the International Congress of Women After the War and shares early plans.

Addams explains travel and meeting arrangements for delegates attending the International Congress of Women After the War.

Addams explains the travel and meeting arrangements for the National Committees of Five and Delegates and Alternates of the International Congress of Women.

Kellogg asks Addams for an inspirational article on the social promise of peace for the Survey.

Addams is eager to see Wald and discusses raising funds for the International Congress of Women After the War.

Addams suggests that the Woman's Peace Party's International Committee of Thirty Five hold a meeting in December.

Addams tells Jacobs that she is still too ill to travel and discusses options for holding a meeting of the International Congress of Women for a Permanent Peace.

Addams asks Denison to write a telegram to Woodrow Wilson urging him to join a conference of neutral nations.

Addams asks Balch for her opinion on attending Louis Lochner's planned conference of radicals and labor activists.

Addams responds to the problems Williams has faced regarding the State and City branches of the New York Woman's Peace Party.

Addams tells Lane that she cannot appear at a peace meeting for the New York Branch of the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams discusses appointing Ruth Williams to the Woman's Peace Party Board and agrees to meet with the board in New York in January.

Wilson thanks Addams for the letter concerning his recent address to Congress.

Lewis suggests possible housing arrangements for an upcoming meeting.

Addams gives a statement clarifying her argument that diplomats are not the best people to negotiate the end of wars.
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