Cornelia Crane to Jane Addams, Spring 1907

Spring 1907
Dear Miss Addams

I have taken the Newer Ideals of Peace to my heart as I know I should and go round with it under my arm until I have learned my lesson and <can pass> have passed it along as fast as I can. I found <with glee> plenty of copies at Jordan and Marsh <the Dry Foods Dept store] in Boston the other day when I was shopping there, <Say they can not keep enough in stock>.

Do you think mercy is included in the word Righteousness? I love your references to "compassion" and to "the humble" -- "knowledge and companionship" "the unsuccessful, the unskilled and the underpaid" -- bless them all and bless you for introducing them as you have <to us> and for finding such ideals, where you have for us.

Love ever,
Corn C.

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