Jane Addams to Florence Kelley, August 1, 1901


Dear Sister Kelley

We have had a very curious time in regard to the freight boat and finally had to give it up -- still the boys are going -- John as my guest please dear lady. He doesn't know [as much] about it as I told him I had had a check from you and takes it all very simply for they are both in a haze of excitement. They come in from Rockford on Wed. and are as happy as larks. The following are their dates leave Chicago Sat Aug 3d 5 P.M. on Mackinaw Sun. Aug 4 -- 5.30 P.M. Stay for [a] week with Quint Hamilton [page 2] leave Mackinaw Mon. Aug 12" 8:30 a.m. arr. Buffalo Wed [Aug] 14" 5.30 A.M. Stay at the Westminster House ↑424 Adams St. Buf.↓ (a social settlement do you remember Miss Holmes, she is taking boarders this summer) two days for the show and one for Niagra Falls.

Leave Buffalo Sat Aug 17 arr. Mackinaw Mon. [Aug] 19".

The Swope-Hill wedding is on Tuesday Aug 20', I will be there as well as Mr Hooker and some other folk. If we can arrange for it we will have them stay over the wedding and come back with us Aug 21 coming here Aug 23d--

Of course it will be fine to have Margaret come back with them -- the ticket one [page 3] [illegible] at 12.[00] and with [berth?] & meals brings it up to four more.

Do have Margaret come here for a little while with John before she goes back to Hillside. I was glad to get Esther's letter. She meant it all I think, they are making a tremendous effort.

With [best?] love to you and assurance that it is like old times to have one Kelley here. I am always yours,

J. A.

Aug 1st 1901