Alice Peloubet Norton to Jane Addams, April 11, 1915

1326 E. [58th] St. Chicago
April 11 1915.

My Dear Miss Addams;

A copy of the letter from Mr. Roosevelt to Mrs. Rublee was sent to this office to be filed.

When the request for the letter first came from the press I went through the files and could not find the letter, and I reported this to you. It seemed possible that it had been returned to Mrs. Rublee.

A few days later I made a thorough search and found the letter among some papers that had by an oversight not been filed. I did not tell you that the letter had been found. Later I destroyed it. Meanwhile we had telegraphed Mrs. Rublee in reply to a request from her that we would refer all inquiries to her.

To the best of my knowledge there is no copy of the letter, in the office, and none has been given out to the press. We have never had the original letter.

Yours very truly

Alice P. Norton

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