Jane Addams to Florence Kelley, September 7, 1901


Dear Sister Kelley

John went back to his house and his beloved farm last Wed. He had had [such] a glorious time on the lakes that it seemed better not in any wise to take off the flow by boring him with the city.  He is not quite so good looking but the same darling thing that he has always been.

Margaret grew gentler to him as time wore on [page 2] and I really believe that she has grown much gentler, to all the world.  I love her so dearly that it is hard for me to discriminate and I find myself absurdly on the defensive now in regard to your own letter!  She and Stanley have gotten no better than we did, [although] John and Stanley are the better friends of course.  One might [swear] the atmosphere seemed a little heavy.  I asked if there [page 3] had been a [fiancé] to receive the indignant reply that there never had been and couldn't possibly be!

We will arrive at Saratoga Sat. night Sept 21st and [illegible] ↑will leave a letter for you↓ at Congress Hall the only hotel whose name we can learn. If we find a place to go before then we will telegraph but please do come over Sunday. Little Jane and & Mrs Moore are here, the former is a charming little girl.  Always yours Jane Addams

Sept 7 "1901