Eleanor F. Rathbone to Jane Addams, May 10, 1915

The Liverpool Town Hall
Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association.

10th May 1915

Dear Madam,

I see that you are speaking in London this <next> week and I have been wondering whether it would be possible to get you to do Liverpool the [honor] of a visit and to address a Meeting composed mainly of Visitors for the above Association but to which other leading social workers in the city would be invited.

We have a band of some 500 workers and have on our books over 21,000 families. The work during the early months of the war was exceedingly strenuous, so much so that many of our workers became very much worn out. The work has now settled down into more or less of a routine and we feel that the time has come when some fresh inspiration is needed, in order to make the workers [realize] what unusual opportunities for constructive social effort this work during the war affords, now that the giving of actual material relief is less exacting. An address from you would be a very great stimulus and would be a delight to many of us who have for years been admirers of your books and of your work in Chicago.

Possibly you will be starting for home from Liverpool and if so you would probably prefer to take us on your way rather than [page 2] to make a special journey.

If you could possibly spare us any time, I am tempted to ask, if it does not sound too greedy, if you could also address a quite different and probably small audience on some topic connected with the peace settlement after the war, or the function of neutral nations during war, or some such subject. Of course this would have nothing to do with the above Association. The feeling aroused here by the Lusitania outrage is horrible, almost as horrible as the outrage itself.

I need not say how glad we should be to welcome you here.

Yours faithfully,

Eleanor F. Rathbone [signed]

Miss Jane Addams, LL.D.

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