Secretary to Jane Addams to Estelle Mayer, April 5, 1915


April 5, 1915

My dear Miss Mayer:

Miss Addams has been so busy for the last few weeks, first, with her trip to the East, then the fatal illness of her sister and now with the preparations for The Hague that she has been unable to do any writing or even to accede to such a request as you have made of her.

We would try to answer your question but I know what you want is Miss Addams' personal opinion. If we can help you in any way from this office by sending literature we shall be glad to do so. Perhaps you can come in some day when you are down town and see what we have for reference.

Sincerely yours,

Assistant Secretary

Miss Estelle Mayer,
5420 Michigan Avenue,
Chicago, Illinois

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