Frances Sarah Knight Hallowes to Jane Addams, April 1, 1915

Mussoorie U.P.
India. April 1 -- /15

Dear Miss Addams

Your name is almost a household word to me for I am an [admirer] of your writings & [sympathize] in your work.

I have read from "Advocate of Peace" & "Jus Suffragii" of your splendid "Peace Party for Women." I thoroughly agree to your preamble & objects -- as I am an English woman I suppose I cannot be a member! I am a suffragist of 35 years standing & a writer for Peace, so that I grieve [to] be debarred from [active?] help in your great Crusade -- by speaking -- But I have written a book of which I enclose "Table of Contents" that you may see the intention & scope -- Peace & Suffrage. [page 2] I hope you will order a copy from the Publisher and if you agree, make it known to your workers for Arbitration & Conciliation and give me a notice in your papers. I shall be very glad of any help from you in the way of suggestion as to the best method of pulling the book into circulation in the United States. Names of firms [etc.] who would sell it

With all good wishes for your great work

Believe me
Sincerely Yours in Comradeship

(Mrs.) Frances S. Hallowes