Benjamin Barr Lindsey to Jane Addams, October 3, 1906

County Court
Juvenile Court

[October 3, 1906.]

My dear Friend:

You were appointed a member of the committee to bring about a federation of the various societies of United States for the protection and betterment of children, as a result of our Conference at Hull House last June.

I found it practically impossible to do anything during the months of July and August. Many of those whom we wished to serve upon the committee were in Europe or on their vacations, and as for myself, I have been on the bench in the trial of important law suits in a busy Civil Court every day during July and August, without either a vacation or a chance to do any outside work. I find, therefore, that our efforts to bring about this federation will be somewhat delayed, but in my judgement in no way materially affected in the end.

There is to be a Conference in Chicago the 6th and 7th of December, to consider the problem of truancy and some other questions, pertaining to delinquent and dependent children. This Conference has been called by Mrs. Emmons Blaine, as I understand it, and others connected with the School Board of Chicago. It occurred to me that that it would be a good time for our committee to meet and discuss our plans and perfect an organization, since the work of both Conferences will be mutually agreeable and interesting, and we might thereby serve a double purpose.

Will you kindly let me know if you could attend the meeting in Chicago on the dates mentioned.

Sincerely yours,