Flora Stone Mather to Jane Addams, February 22, 1903


Cleveland, February 22nd


My dear Miss [Addams] --

I take it for granted that you have enough interest in Mr. Cadwallader and Goodrich House to care to know that he has resigned as Head of the House. His duties as School Director are very exacting & in the whole it seems wise to get some one who can give his whole time to the Settlement as Mr. Cadwallader used to. We shall still have his interest, of course, & as Trustee he will be on our most important committee -- even if he can do no work in the House, directly.

In looking for a new Head we naturally [page 2] turn to such people as you & Prof. Graham Taylor & Mr. Woods. Have you any one to suggest? Our work is so well established that it seems to us we should have a man with some experience -- but I suppose a man with a good deal of experience might be somewhat set in his ideas & purposes & less adaptable to a new field & new conditions, that is unless he were a man of large spirit -- & that, after all, is what we are after, a man of the right spirit. Ours is a Christian Social Settlement, & while it has never seemed to be us wise -- because of our locality -- which was, when it started quite near two churches, -- to have any religious services in the House, yet we do want our Head to be a man of definite [page 3] Christian expression. We feel that when the Christian spirit is a broad & liberal one the highest good will be accomplished for Jew, Catholic or ↑men of↓ no faith -- if he can respect the religious faith of the man who has proved himself his friend. That is stupidly put but I hope you can my meaning, & I think you know a little about our conditions, so that you would know who would or would not do. Since we have both men & women as residents I should say we ought to have a man of at least 28 or 30 years, but that again, it depends wholly on the man -- & one younger might have sufficient dignity & seriousness of mind to be the real Head.

I won't add more, & write even this [page 4] much with regret that it must lay a little burden on your already over-burdened shoulders -- but we must ask of those who have larger acquaintance & experience than we.

With very kindest regards,
Believe me,
very sincerely yours

(Mrs. Saml) Flora S. Mather