Jane Addams to Lillian D. Wald, December 27, 1914

Dec. 27, 1914.
My dear Miss Wald:-

I have written to Mr. Lovejoy and to Paul Kellogg about the Preparedness for Peace plan. Of course the four large National Societies are doing some careful investigation and are beginning to put out some splendid literature. However, if we could get a popular meeting in Washington, it might be splendid <fine> thing. I am coming on to the National Child Labor Committee on the 5th and hope to see you then. Great pressure is being exerted which may come to a sub-poena to have me appear before the Industrial Relations Committee in New York on the 8th. If I do I shall certainly want to talk to you all first in Washington.

There is no doubt that the Womans' Peace Meeting on January 10th will be held in Washington and on the whole it seems to me better that it should go through. The response is [Page 2] very generous and I am quite encouraged about it. Do come on for it. You are a pioneer as you know and must live up to the parade.

Affectionately yours,
Jane Addams. [signed]