Frederick H. Deknatel to Henry Churchill King, February 8, 1905


Feby 8 1905.

My dear Sir,

Miss Addams has the offer of a lecture engagement in Titusville, Pa. for March 23rd and hopes it will not inconvenience you to have her speak for you the 22nd instead of the 23rd. This date seems the only one available in Titusville as their public hall is engaged for other nights, so trust the 23rd will suit you as well. I am sorry to be obliged to ask you to look up trains again to make sure that Miss Addams can get to Titusville in time. If not she will arrange to leave here earlier & stop in Oberlin on her way back from the East.

Yours very truly

Frederick H. Deknatel

Prest. Henry C King
Oberlin College                              

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