Lillian D. Wald to Jane Addams, January 9, 1914


January 9, 1914

Dear Lady:

Maria Sukloff is getting a great deal of attention, and the Friends of Russian Freedom think possibly that some of the money they have can be used for her purpose. They are asking for further references, and all that I have is the letter from Madame Kropotkin. Will you please send, as soon as you receive this, the letter that you received from the Kropotkins, and any information that you may have. Her career is, of course, known to the committee of the revolutionists in New York, but we would rather not use that before the Friends of Russian Freedom, unless necessary.

We are to have a public meeting, the speech part of our twentieth anniversary, on January thirty-first, in the afternoon. I know your best friends ought to be the last ones to make demands upon you, but if I promise to do so only once in twenty years, will you come? Please telegraph your "Yea."

Much love to you. I hear rumors of your being in New York. Give my love to Mary Smith and Mrs. Bowen.

Yours as always

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House
Chicago, Illinois