Jane Addams Chorus Certificate of Membership, August 26, 1912

This is to certify that
Jane Addams
is a member of the original
Jane Addams Chorus

Organized an named in Los Angeles, August 26, 1912
Members of the Executive Board of the Womans' Rally Committee of the Roosevelt Progressive Republican League

Mary S. Gibson
Chairman Woman's Rally Committee
Carrie B. Bryant
Chairman Music Committee
Hortence L. Porter
Cora D. Lewis
Rose W. Baruch
Mary L Brynton
Sue G. Burbat
Mary E. Young Brown
Katherine W. Forest

[illegible name]
Sara G. Garrett
Sarah F. Judson
[Rose] M. Myers
Frances Wills
Liana P. Wood
Mary Moore Flints Stroy

Very Sincerely
Jane Addams