Mary Rozet Smith to Esther Loeb Kohn, March 1, 1913

On board R.M.S. "ADRIATIC."
March 1 -- 1913

My dear Mrs. Kohn

Did you send us a fine box from Maillard's? It came without a card or the card had been lost in the scrimmage on ship-board, but your name was scribbled on the envelope which should have contained it.

We are very grateful and we have wrapped our candy up [page 2] in many layers of paper to be kept fresh for Egypt.

This does seem a very long voyage for bad sailors, but we are landing in Algiers today and can sleep ashore tonight. We have had really lovely brief sojourns in Madeira and Spain though the Spain we saw was chiefly British.

There is a new baby in the steerage and three of the poor Italian passengers have died since we sailed. They were all [page 3] being deported and it does seem as if we might have let them die peacefully ashore instead of sending them away in their last days.

Miss Addams sends her love. She is enduring this voyage far better than usual but her head is pretty [wretched] most of the time. With greetings to all H. H. and many, many thanks to you I am

Faithfully Yours Mary Rozet Smith [page 4]

I hope this will not find you at Hull House but that you are takin that little holiday with your nephew.

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