Katharine Coman to Jane Addams, January 8, 1913


January 8th, 1913.

My dear Miss Addams,

Your letter of the fourth duly received. I would be glad to serve on the committee where you think I can be of most use, but would prefer not to be appointed at present. It seems suitable that my name should not appear as committed to this new service until my resignation has been presented to the Wellesley trustees, and that will not be done before February. Moreover, I expect to go abroad in July to be gone for a year, I can therefore do little effective work here. I hope, however, that there may be some piece of investigation that I can carry through in Europe, perhaps in connection with Mr. McCormick's committee.

The Economic Beginnings of the Far West shall be sent you at Hull House if that is most convenient. Are you going to Egypt? and would you be interested to meet some of the Englishmen who are trying ro undo the effects of Turkish rule in that most problematic of lands?

<Very cordially yours,>

Katharine Coman.[signed]