Edward William Bok to Jane Addams, September 4, 1912


First Article:

Why I went into politics last year, and what I think was accomplished? Is it true that by my alliance with a political party I may have strengthened that movent, but lost my non-partisan position & weakened my work along philanthropic lines?


Second Article:

In what respect is the American working girl at a disadvantage today, and what is the remedy that women can bring about? Is not a living wage an economic question that cannot be [marked] by legislations? How are employers to be compelled to pay decent wage when any Federal [repair?] that direction would be construed as an within infringement upon private business rights? What would be [reflect?] of unionizing domestic help & standardizing the wage? How could an eight hour day be applied to the work in the home?


Third Article:

What are the vital needs of children [today], city by country, and what are the remedial measures that would work out practically & [illegible] how can women help to bring them about?


Fourth Article:

What is it that is wrong that has brought about the high cost of living & what can women do to bring about a change in this respect?


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Fifth Article:

Is it right that the family of a convict should suffer want when the convict does work in prison? Why is it allowed now, & what can be done to protect the wife and children from work while the husband is "doing time."

Sixth Article:

What is the fundamental wrong at the basis of all these "labor strikes", & [when his] a remedy? What can a government do to [ameliorate] these labor wrongs to bring about a closer understanding wherein the employer and the laborer thereby effect a signal social [illegible]? For a social a social question it is, is it not?

Each article to be from 2200 to 2500 words in length: First article by October 1 or Earlier: September 15 would be desirable: then one on each 15th of succeeding month $250. for each article.