Henry Theobold Cozens-Hardy to Jane Addams, October 11, 1912

120 West 64th
11 Oct 1912
Hotel Astor
New York

My dear Miss Addams

This is only a line to thank you for your speech at the Astor tonight. Argument, reproof and a lofty tone characterized every sentence you uttered [page 2] & I only wish the Progressive party would see to it that every word you speak in this campaign was published verbatim throughout the country. [page 3]

Your reference to Morley's Gladstonian comment was most apropos. Many years ago at a public meeting in Norwich, England I heard Gladstone in reply to a vote of thanks say "I have been a learner all my life & I am a [page 4] learner still." This was after he had crossed 80. The idea exactly bears out Mr Morley's estimate.

With greatest respect
Believe me

Yrs faithfully

H. Cozens-Hardy