Frances Alice Kellor to Jane Addams, September 4, 1912


September 4, 1912.

Miss Jane Addams,
c/o Mrs. J. S. Bowen, Bar Harbor, Me.

Dear Miss Addams,

I am returning Mrs. Fawcett's cablegram thinking that is what you mention in your letter of Sept. 1st. The notice, including the cablegram, was sent to the press but for some reason was not used.

Please do not let the fact that you cannot come to New York just now bother you. Everything is going very well and I will attend the executive committee meeting in your place and report to you. It is infinitely more important to have you on the committee and to have the benefit of your suggestions and advice than have the few hours of active work at great inconvenience to yourself.

I am enclosing a revision of the instructions to women which I think you will like better than the other. The material which I am sending you each week gives you an idea of the lines along which we are proceeding. I should be glad to have any criticisms or suggestions from you from time to time if you can find time to make them. I think the writing of the articles is most important because we want to have some enduring literature on the Progressive movement. I only wish you were here to be in the enthusiasm of it all.

Very sincerely,

Frances A. Kellor [signed]