Blanche Boies to Jane Addams, August 22, 1912

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North Topeka Kan. Aug 22 1912

Dear Miss [Addams].

I write to ask U to please use your influence to prevent the [dreadful] cognomen of Bull Moose from being fastened on the new party.

I come to U in <the> [interest] of the new party. In the [interest] of decency, good taste and [moral] influence.

There are many woman in Kansas who would gladly ally themselves with the new party [page 2] but for this horrible name.

Why: we would as soon be called elks, eagles, yellow dogs, or scats. All of which are known <here> and despised as drinking clubs <and hated> by all earnest and good woman.

Furthermore the name is pleasing the Democrats and Taft people wonderfully. Our Taft friends are asking us (with a grin) if we are bull moose? and I want to strike them. People of the east may not realize how much more repugnant these vulgar names are to the woman of the west, than to the [average] eastern woman, woman of the [page 3] west have an innate hatred for all vulgar <or low> terms, and names. So if U would have our hearty cooperation U would better use your best [endeavor] to sidetrack this horrid name.

(You may resent my statement regarding the modesty of the eastern and western woman but I know whereof I speak. I was born in the east, came west when young, have visited in the east, and have entertained many eastern friends and have heard this very subject discussed by friends who have visited east, and entertained eastern people) I do not believe that U would approve of this ugly name. And after your [speech] U [page 4] will have the right to be heard regarding this matter.

Have no doubt but many protests have been sent in, yet I believe they are more likely to listen to [you].

Yours most Respectfully
Blanche Boies
1303 Kan. Ave. Topeka Kan.
Station A.

Had such a lovely clipping from one of our <western> papers, complimenting your [speech], <have mislaid it,> said it was the shortest of the kind ever made. That had U left out one word it would have been like leaving a brick out of a wall. Could we ask for a higher tribute to woman?

Oh: dear heart, we all love U out here. Hoping to see U sometime I am your loving sister, Blanche

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William K McCullough

My great grandfathers sister   must have been one hell of a family, she had a sister who was physcian and my Great grandfather died in a house fire trying to rescue children, after he died a sheriff appeared, he had come to arrest him for possibly election engineering in Tacoma. Left a son and daughter...son died in the flu epidemic in 1919 his sister got it as well but survived and married my grandfather right after, she was the early days of hollywood she dated Harold Lloyd  

Cathy Moran Hajo

What a fabulously interesting family! If you have any photographs of Blanche Bois, we would love to add it to her biography page. Email me at if you do. Thanks so much for reaching out.

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