Mary E. McDowell to Jane Addams, August 16, 1912

Tyrone Pa.
August 16 -- 1912.

Dear Sister:

How great you were to carry off a political party at a Strategic moment, it was masterful to view it all from a small town in Penn. where I had only one Chicago paper -- [page 2] but saw the N.Y. Sun. and some Philadelphia and [Pittsburgh] papers. <I got an all round view.> I hope you saw the editorial in Wednesday's, (aug. 14) "The North American," of Philadelphia. It was so like the trend of my <own> thinking on "The larger meaning of Jane Addams" [page 3] that I felt it was nearly my own editorial.

Someone, and the right one had to seize that moment when a new party was born -- and you and no one else was ready by experience and personality to do the deed, <and you did it perfectly, I think.> [page 4] It could have been made an awful farce by the wrong person, no matter what Miss Boardman or any other "Social Workers" say. You, to my finite mind were right, & I glory in your doing & seeing. [page 5] I cannot tell yet what I shall be able to do.

The platform is a challenge to the other parties and none of them can ignore it. Of course the critics say a platform means nothing and does not make good, -- but this one has in it so much that is already in law & practice, [page 6] that I am sure it is bound to help forward in the States what it stands for, I am -- dear lady loyally yours, and for the platform of the Progressives whether or not I work publicly for the Party & T. R.


Mary E. McDowell

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