Anonymous (Theodore Roosevelt critic) to Jane Addams, 1912


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[Miss], Jane [Addams],

I have been reading after you for some time and I thought you would be a help to Ignorant [women] -- but I see Instead: you are only a dupe to Roosevelt. [He] never has been; nor never will be any help to [womankind] -- outside of the use that man makes of them for their [passion] sake; I see that [women]: Is making the same <kind of> [mistake] as [they] did In the garden of [Eden]; Chasing the old Devil around the Bush [&] he, T R, he will never be any help to uplift; [he's] only trying [their] weak points -- so [they] will help him blight the best union men: If the [women] had took St [Paul's], [advice] then [they] would have had some honor today worthwhile: If [women] is going to vote the same <spiteful> way that men are voting It will only [add] fuel to their hellfire and [women] and girls will only be slaughtered [more] than [we] are now. (Lord [written up right side] don't you see) [page 2] Men Is looking after their own benefit [they] don't care how nude [women] dresses just so [they] get their ends accomplished. [How] can women be so [bragging?] to dress so nude; when men are all [dressing] so nice why don't all the leading [women]; set example and Teach the girls to Dress to cover their form and protect their body [odors] I tell you [women] has [a lot] to do -- to Redeem [their] Honor. [the] curse of women; she scorns a [fallen] sister; and smiles on the man that has Blighted her; the blackest sin in woman's heart today; [they] send the blighted girl to the bad house; and marry their seducer [this] kind of [women] are In the majority and [they] are not fit to vote. I write [these] hints to you to help to think how to [organize] [womens] Clubs to think how to make amendments.

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