Alonzo Gray to Jane Addams, November 25, 1911

Camp Stotsenburg, P.I.
Nov. 25, 1911.

Jane Addams,

Dear Madam:

Permit me to protest against your use of the word "cadet" in your article in McClure's Magazine for Nov. 1911. You will find no authority on the English language which will justify you in thus using a word which, to many stands for the highest type of manhood, to represent the lowest type of a man.

To many mothers whose sons wear, or have honorably worn, the uniform of the United States Military Academy, your use of the word "cadet" will produce a shock as great as it would to U.S. Grant or Robert E. Lee were they now alive. To graduates of the military academy, your use of the word "cadet" produces the same effect as would be produced on you if some other magazine writer should use the word "mother" to portray a type of woman corresponding to your type of man.

If the English language is too poor to furnish you with a word which expresses your exact shade of meaning, your attention is respectfully invited to the top of the second column of page 648 McClure's Magazine for Oct. 1911, where you will find the word "maque" taken from the French "maquereau" used. It exactly expresses what you wish without bringing an honorable English word into contempt.

Very respectfully
Alonzo Gray [signed]
Major of Cavalry
United States Army

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