Patrick Geddes to Jane Addams, October 23, 1903

Valleyfield, DUNFERMLINE,

23rd October, 1903.

Dear Miss Addams,

Yesterday I wired you approximately as follows:  "Forcibly detaining reluctant Duncan for month's designing. - Geddes".  You will understand from my former letter that I mean Eutopia as I have spelt it -- a real one here, and will I am sure forgive me.  Duncan was most loyal to you in his anxiety to get back and go on with his panels and other engagements; but I am sure you will see in your interest that it is well that his authority and influence should be enforced by work of this kind, unofficial though it still is, and that he will also gain further experience from this collaboration, which I feel very helpful to me also, as we thoroughly understand each other, and are mutually stimulating.

And if you should tell Mr. Hooker, or show him this letter, he might, without disadvantage, let it be known in the papers that Duncan has been detained by me to assist me with this Report -- just as the fact of his being employed by you and by the Mayor of Toledo, etc., is part of my justification for bringing him before our Dunfermline trustees.

I do not know that I shall be able to ask Duncan to remain [longer], but it is just possible that I may; and it is possible too that if not, the Carnegie trustees may, -- possibly those of the magnificent new baths, gymnasium, etc., which are already building here; or perhaps Mr. Carnegie himself may be interested in detaining him a little longer.  So if you can grant him absolution for still longer [illegible], I shall be very grateful to you indeed, yet shall not use this unless circumstances be urgent.

Believe me, I quite [realize] that he has his work to do with you, and it may be the main work of his life, or at any rate for a year or two: indeed it must be two years before our proposed Carnegie buildings here assuming him to be one of those to whom a portion of the decorative work should be confided.

With all good wishes, and regrets for thus inconveniencing you--

Believe me,

Yours faithfully,