Unknown to Jane Addams, 1911 (fragment)


[page(s) missing] thought of you a sacrament.

I never can tell you how my soul is stirred at your name, at sight of you! I [revere] you -- I admire you -- more.

I love you, [although] you can neither know nor care for it, but since you represent [conservation?], service, courage, sacrifice, and thinking your life has been and is an inspiration. May God spare you long to your friends, your circle, your city and your country! It will be grief and bitter longing and [page 2] irreparable loss when you are called home.

Dear [Miss] Addams -- It is so long that you have stood solidly for high things you cannot [measure] accomplishment -- you may think it is but little -- Oh! if in one heart you represent what you do in mine, alone, it means the faithfulness [now] hears at last that welcome, and the blessing "Enter them in!" -- Pardon me if I cannot say it well. It is a very deep and earnest feeling you have aroused, for far or near, speaking or silent, I am Sincerely and Warmly your friend [Cornelia] [G?] [illegible surname].

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