Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Executive Committee Proposed Agenda, August 9, 1922


Meeting of the Executive Committee


Thursday, Sept. 6. A.M. Minutes of last Executive Committee, Meeting at Vienna;
Discussion of Reports of Secretary-Treasurer;
Maison Internationale;
Committee appointed at Vienna;
P.M. [Program] of activity for the Season of 1922-3 (especially during the Assembly of the League of Nations);
Bulletins and other publications;
Courses on Internationalism at Geneva;
Peace Missions (Baltic countries, Silesia, Ukraine, the East);
Friday, Sept. 7. A.M. International Office and Staff;
Nomination of Secretary-Treasurer to be submitted to the next Congress.
P.M. Budget and financing of the League;
Saturday, Sept. 8. A.M. Our next Congress: place, [organization], [organizer], agenda.
Summer School.
P.M. The same continued.
Monday, Sept. 9. A.M. Statement of objects of the League.
Question of whether any amendments to our Constitution should be proposed to the next Congress.
Question of affiliations.
P.M. Other business proposed by members. Polish proposal for counteracting provocation by the press
Peace films;
Our relations to movements to end social injustice.
An international language.

Item Relations


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