Speech to the Unitarian Church, February 11, 1922 (excerpts)


Jane Addams Pleads for U.S. Entrance in Union of Nations

America's entrance into an association of nations is imperative and necessary if alone for humanitarian reasons, Miss Jane Addams, pioneer in Chicago settlement worker, informed an audience at the Unitarian church last night.

"Constantly the United States is standing aside while humanitarian questions of international importance are being considered by the league machinery at Geneva," Miss Addams said. "This machinery cannot progress while our country neglects its duty."

"While I hold no brief for the League of Nations, it is imperative that we get into the fray because Europe cannot save itself," she said.

Surplus food products of the United States should be distributed to the starving nations of the continent and this alone will save them, she declared.

"It is a sad spectacle to see vast quantities of food in this country stored for want of a market, while the children of Europe are having difficulty in getting enough to live on. It is for the statesmen and economists to find a solution of this improper ratio.

"Lack of interest by the people of the United States is largely responsible for these conditions. Here we are a creditor nation and act as though we are debtors of the world."

In an address to members of the Saturday Lunch Club yesterday noon, Miss Addams declared that Europeans do not care whether the United States enters the League of Nations or not so long as it associates itself with some international body.

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