Eleanor Howard Bush Woods to Jane Addams, March 7, 1911

The Bartram
Sharon. Conn.

16 Bond Street

Mar. 7, 1911

Dear Miss Addams,

The book arrived and we are delighted to have it in such a beautiful form. I think that nothing has given the settlement idea more reality in the minds of large numbers of people [page 2] than it has done. It means that everywhere it will be much easier for settlement people to make themselves understood.

We are all most grateful to you for it both because of its stimulus to each one personally and for the wider boundaries of possibility which it sets.

I have come for a few days after an over [page 3] night stop at Northampton with Mr Woods to see my mother who is here with my cousin. The latter has taken this most comfortable & attractive private Inn and is I think going to make an excellent business of it.

Sharon is a truly beautiful spot, a wonderful old New England village common runs the length of a high curving plateau with the hills surrounding it. If you know of anyone who wants the hill country & comfort at any time this is a good suggestion to make. Beatrice is an excellent provider.

The 22nd must have been a gala day with you. May there be many such.

With very many thanks and with best wishes for your good health.

I am affectionately yours
Eleanor H. Woods

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