Jane Addams to Belle Case La Follette, ca. January 1925


My dear Mrs. La Follette:

I have known Robert Morss Lovett since he first came to the University of Chicago in 1893, and his wife, since their marriage in 1895. I have the greatest respect for his ability, his courage, and his integrity of mind. He has in my opinion, in the midst of many vexed public situations always been on the right side. He is a brilliant writer as his articles in the New Republic bear witness, and his books written earlier have always interested me. His standing as a scholar in the field of English literature is, as you know, undisputed.

Mrs. Lovett is a graduate of [Radcliffe] College. She ↑was↓ much interested in Dr. Dewey's school at the University of Chicago, which her small children attended, and her work here at Hull-House shows she holds sound educational theories. She is most hospitable and one of the kindest human beings I have ever known. She has unusual ability in dealing with people of all sorts. To this, her knowledge of several foreign languages contributes much, and possibly the fact that she lived in Honolulu as a child and was accustomed to many races.

I may have a rose-colored view, as both Mr. and Mrs. Lovett are ↑dear↓ friends.

Affectionately yours,

Jane Addams. [signed]

Mrs. La Follette,
2112 Wyoming Ave.,
Washington, D.C.