Amy Woods to Jane Addams, June 9, 1924

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Section for the United States
1403 H St., N.W., Washington, D.C.
Miss Amy Woods
National Secretary
Monday June 9.
Boston --

Dear Miss Addams:

All's well that ends well. And today I'm a clucking hen on the edge of the pond with the ducklings far beyond my control. It was good of you to telegraph your acceptance to Toronto. It arrived in time for me to announce the next meeting of the W.I.L. the last week in June -- to an audience of 2500 -- who listened cautiously at first, enthusiastically at last. "The very cream of Toronto" -- while 32 policemen remained unemployed in the basement during the evening. The Ottawa excursion was also a prodigious success. We were dined by -- a good sized group of M.Ps, judges, writers & ministers -- and altogether made to feel that we had contributed to their efforts under difficult circumstances. The outcome may be the establishment of an open forum [page 2] which has not been allowed since the war. Montreal was mid-Victorian provincialism. The fruit was welcomed with gratitude and our seventeen members of the Andania left with a real sadness.

I go from here to Barre Massachusetts today where I can be reached c/o Dr. M. H. Paull until Wednesday noon. I then go to Swarthmore c/o Mrs. Hull. I shall look forward to seeing you there. My father was released from great suffering last Sunday and we shall have the services on Wednesday.

Mrs Atkinson's death was a shock [although] she was so ill when we were in Detroit that I felt alarmed for her.

I hope all goes well with you & not too many things have piled in to keep you from resting. The Summer School was a triumph.


Amy Woods