Alexander Hume Ford to Jane Addams, November 17, 1924



HONOLULU. November 17, 1924

Miss Jane Addams, 
Hull House,
Chicago, Illinois.

My dear Miss Addams:

I am enclosing herewith clipping from the Honolulu Advertiser that may interest you, and I wonder if you can be with us in 1928 to act as Chairman of the Pan Pacific Women's Conference. We would like you also head up a group here on the ethics of business women for our Pan Pacific Ethical Conference as they are and as they should be in the Pan Pacific area.

The ladies will write you further about the Pan Pacific Women's Conference that is going to be held here and I think it will greatly interest you.

You may recall that I met you way back in the nineties when I was with the Chicago Daily News, and met you again in Peking a year ago.

I am also enclosing you a clipping of one of our Scientific Suppers where it was announced that the pulp and milk of the young coconut has the identical constituents of the mother's milk and in the Pan Pacific Research Institute we expect to find a means of putting this up in some form to be sent abroad for use of the world.

The general proceedings of the Pan Pacific Food Conservation Conference will be published in the January number of the Mid-Pacific Magazine, some two or three hundred pages, highly illustrated; then in other numbers will follow the proceedings of the different sectional conferences and you will receive copies.

With best wishes, I am,

Very truly yours,

A. H. Ford [signed]