Louise Warren Atkinson to Jane Addams, May 22, 1924


↑Youth meeting will be Sunday evening.↓

May 22 1924

Dear Miss Addams --

You realize, I am sure, that Detroit is seething at the present moment. The patriots and the soldiers are very busy, but it will all redound to the good of the cause, we feel sure. We want you to see to what lengths they have gone! Hence enclose clippings, we decided to engage a publicity Director. He -- a man who knows the game, and is connected with one of the papers -- will wire you regarding the letter of Dr. Shurly, which you should see -- if only as a curiosity. His name is Mr. E. S. Leggett, Clifford Hotel. The mass meeting of patriots to be held Monday evening, will be as funny as the one called by Mrs. Noble Nelson Potts in Washington, doubtless. At our meeting tomorrow, we shall discuss attendance, that we may contradict untruths etc.

On the other hand, ministerial support is abundant. Dr. Edgar DeWitt [Jones] is giving his church -- Central Christian -- for a youth gathering. [Gertrud] Baer is being announced as the speaker there. It is probable that the Merrill-Palmer School will be our headquarters. Miss White wants us very much, and is taking it up with her Board. Everything is coming on fine. This clearing-up had to come, and incidentally, it is giving us wonderful publicity -- driving people to us!

You will see why I cannot be in Chicago. With greetings to all,

Faithfully yours,

Louise W. Atkinson [signed]

[typed up left margin] We shall probably change the place of our mass-meeting Sunday afternoon. A committee is looking that up, and will report tomorrow.