Jane Addams to Anna Melissa Graves, March 6, 1924



Hull-House, Chicago
March 6, 1924

My dear Miss Graves

Your letter came after the telegram and of course explains the situation. I am very sorry that I can not possibly come the 23rd. I have an engagement of six weeks' standing for the twenty third ↑in New York↓ and could not possibly change. It seems to me you have a great many speakers and I congratulate you on the meeting.

I was naturally much interested in your plan for the International members but I think that is true ↑we have it now↓, that the International members join not in the least as belonging to different countries but as members of an International body; and they do not sit with the national delegates in the Congress nor in any way are they identified each with [her?] own country. Perhaps this thing might be emphasized but it seems to me we have already obtained the essentials. 

Hoping to see you in Washington in May, I am

Hastily yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

↑You ought to read Mazzini's [Duties] of Man, perhaps you have known his theory of [concentric obligations for duties].↓