Jane Addams to Adena Miller Rich, March 25, 1920

Please foward any really
perplexing letter & anything from 
Pond's agency in N.Y.
Antler's Hotel
Colorago Springs Colo.

March 25" 1920

My dear Miss Rich,

I felt quite mean dumping all of the correspondence upon you, but I hope Mr Byron has returned by this time and that you are acting as consulting counsel.

Will you please tell Beck that when Miss Hartmann goes the 1st of April that Miss McManus will arrange for taking the cash at least for the present. I will be back the 8th of April and we can then talk it over.

I also had no chance at the end to say good bye to Miss Jennison -- please tell her that we surely expect her next fall.

We had a pleasant journey out and are finding fine weather here, Mary breathing at once becomes amazingly better. 

Always yours

  [Jane] Addams