Jane Addams to Amy Woods, January 18, 1924



6, rue du Vieux-Collége

Hull-House, Chicago

Jan'y 18, 1924

My dear Miss Woods;

You may have received the English I.W.L. sheet, if so will you please return the [enclosed] one. Their comments are quite extraordinary after all the careful distinctions the Europeans have made between a "congress" of members and a "conference" of all! But as the number from Europe must of necessity be small, I am for acting upon their suggestion and asking various national bodies to send fraternal delegates.

We might include all who have committees on "Peace" and "Internationalism" and that would mean a very great many, all told. Will your office make out the list and shall I get out a letter and sign it as international pres on international paper or shall Mrs Lewis do it or would you like to combine us.

In any event we must include the foreign women's clubs, could you write to New York for a list of them. Perhaps when we write asking for their cooperation we could ask the Swedish women to invite Ellen [Key] or Selma [Lagerlöf] as their guests at the congress.

I am replying to a later letter from Mde Ramondt urging her to push the selection of delegates and saying that we must have some names.

I hope the Summer School material will prove available. We must keep Dame Rachel Crowdy and Count Koessler for the Congress itself of course.

Affectionately yours,

Jane Addams [signed]