Emily Greene Balch to Catherine Elizabeth Marshall, November 5, 1923



Dear Miss Marshall,

There is a question

I am sending you with this a copy of a letter to Miss Glucklich which explains itself.

There is a question that I think we had better lay before you as Vice President early in a confidential way as it is a delicate matter. (I will send a copy to Miss Glucklich and Madame Ramondt).

I have in mind the possibility of the U.S. Government making difficulties over admissions to the U.S.

We will make it our business to find out just what line the authorities will take out I imagine that any person that calls or has called herself a Communist or that has exposed herself to being classed as such might have a horrid time besides causing endless unpleasant publicity and nuisance generally. You know the trouble there was about poor Gertrud Baer. (By the way we hope to get her over to help organize the Congress after taking a time over here to rest and [build] herself up. I do not think that after all the difficulty was cleared up last year that it would reviv be revived again in her case).

As I said we will look into all this matter but it is perhaps just as well that you and Miss Glucklich and Madame Ramondt should have this aspect of the situation in mind. [page(s) missing]