Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, July 17, 1910

Bethel Maine
July 17" 1910

My dear Alice

I don't believe I can write about the portrait and will try to do some other way, if the portrait cannot be well photographed. I am so sorry that I won't be in Chicago in July but I hope very much that Marcet will stay at the House just the same. Norah Hamilton will be there through July, a very jolly Bryn Mawr girl, Dr Meigs and some [page 2] other very nice people.

We have settled down into Bethel with great content. We are living in the house of Mrs [Mills] who is "an excellent [illegible]" as they say in these New England villages and I at least am much impressed with the wisdom of Dr Gehring. Mrs [Yeomans], Maude Gernon, also came on with us and is only across this street. [page 3] She was threatened with one of her old nervous breakdowns and is responding quite markedly to the treatment.

It was fine to have two such cheerful letters from you and to know that you felt so much better.

There are horrible up and downs for months after an operation -- but in the end the ups win and one is permanently better. [page 4]

Please excuse the pencil [illegible] while I am trying to get "The 20 Years" in order for the publisher and out -- much love to you in which Mary Smith joins me, I am always your loving sister.

Jane Addams