Ernest R. Reichmann to Jane Addams, October 30, 1922

American Committee for Relief of Russian Children
Chicago Office: 5706 STONY ISLAND AVENUE

October 30, 1922

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,

My dear Miss Addams:

Paxton Hibben, recently returned from Russia, will be in Chicago for a few days early in November. Friends interested in hearing his first-hand report of the Russian situation are planning to dine with him on Friday evening, November tenth, at the City Club, 315 Plymouth Court, at 6:15. We hope very much that you and your friends can be present.

Captain Hibben spent six weeks in Moscow, after making a complete tour of the famine districts, visiting seventy-eight villages. He will speak on "Russian Rehabilitation."

The dinner will be $1.50 a plate. Will you please let us know whether you can attend, and the number of reservations you wish, enclosing check for same? Send this, with the enclosed card, to Mr. E. C. Wentworth, 8 So. Dearborn St., before November eighth.

Cordially yours,

Ernest R. Reichmann [signed]
For the Committee