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Addams discusses the role of American women as economic factors in the post-World War I global economy.

Addams discusses her plans to distribute food to German children.

Addams and Hamilton report on their visit to Germany to see conditions after World War I.

Addams explores the role that American women will have in rebuilding the world and the economy.

Addams argues for post war relief and the establishment of the League of Nations and other international organizations to help guarantee the peace. The speech was given at the University Auditorium as part of the Farmer's Week celebration.

The Chicago branch of the Woman's Peace Party suggests that pacifists work on food conservation, child welfare, better conditions for soldiers, a defense of civil rights and plans for financing the war.

Addams writes to Kellogg about the speaking she has done recently and a woman Kellogg inquired about. She also sends him letters and telegrams about contributions to the famine.

Kellogg tells Addams about the dire situation in Austria and the lack of interest among Americans.

The Swiss Red Cross reports on the deaths of children in the City Children's Asylum and White Cross Hospitals in Budapest.

Addams sends Thomas a letter (not found) and fears that they will not be able to secure relief support from the United States Food Administration.

Addams explains to Thomas that if they can publicize the cooperation of Herbert Hoover, the collection of funds for German food relief would become easier.

Addams asks Jordan to help raise relief money for Central Europe.

Kellogg thanks Addams for the article on her visit to Germany and asks her to leave in some passages that she had deleted.

Jacobs explains to Addams how a report got out that she disavowed Addams's report on the German trip and reports on her activities.

Wood tells Addams about conditions in Germany and hopes to see her before she heads back to America.

Addams tells Hoover that she will give an address on food conservation.

An anonymous letter asks Addams to intervene to ensure that the British government does not starve the German people.

Roth seeks Addams's support for starting food relief for Germany at once.
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