John Lovejoy Elliott to Jane Addams, August 30, 1922

Hudson Guild
436-438 WEST 27TH STREET

August 30, 1922.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull's Cove,

Dear Miss Addams: --

It would not be truthful to say that we had a very wonderful or brilliant series of meetings in London because we did not, but it is fair to say that we had a good time, and I think held meetings that were useful. Indeed, I came away feeling genuinely encouraged. The meetings were made up of genuine and earnest women and men whose work is worth while who came together and got some pretty good ideas both from each other and from outsiders. Besides that a number of French, and Germans, and Americans found a basis on which they could work together. This was not easy perhaps all the time, but it was pulled off. The meetings were so worth while that there was a real hope that we should come together again. However, on that side of it, I am hoping to have a chance to talk with you in East Aurora.

It seems to me that Miss Salisbury's work was worth while and I am one who would like see it go on. Would you be willing to be one of a committee who would talk it over at East Aurora and make some report to the Federation at a business meeting.

Personally there was nothing from which I got more hope and inspiration than from the headquarters of your Women's International League for Peace at Geneva. It was not the biggest headquarters that I visited, but I found nothing that seemed to me finer.

Yours as ever,

John Elliott. [signed]