Samuel H. Bishop to Jane Addams, April 19, 1907


The American Church Institute for Negroes

Office of, Gen'l Agent, 19 April 1907.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House, Chicago.

My dear Miss Addams:-

I want to express to you my profound gratitude for your book on The Newer Ideals of Peace. It is to my mind the largest utterance on social questions of this day. Your conception of the necessity of correctly interpreting and including the industrial democracy and the aspirations of alien races is one which in my judgement is the fundamental conception of all social and moral improvement. I have long felt the necessity of such interpretation and inclusion in moral and religious progress. The trouble with our ethical and religious theories is exactly similar to that trouble which you find in the doctrinaire democracy of the eighteenth century, namely it is brought down out of the sky, or in other words, out of the thinking of the minority. You have struck a deeper as well as a higher note than anyone whom I know in the present generation of thinkers on social subjects, and I congratulate you most heartily.

Faithfully yours,

Samuel H. Bishop [signed]

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