Zerlina Hackes Bettman to Jane Addams, May 5, 1922


1061 Mentor Avenue

Pasadena, Cal.
May 5th.

Beloved Miss Addams:

Time and again has the spirit been willing, but the strength lacking, to write and explain my seeming indifference and neglect towards you before leaving Chicago. Truth is when the one day arrived during which I felt strong enough and felt I wanted to and must see you, I was told "you had left for Florida" and I left Chicago before your return. Your kind [page 2] and interested offer "to call again" was more appreciated than you can imagine because in your modesty do not realize the worth and weight of your dear presence to a stricken heart, as mine is. My thoughts naturally are in the east though this beautiful country is a boon to tired body and mind, mind more than body but I at least can now concentrate and read for a short time and am making every personal effort to regain strength and living an outdoor life and as lazy as can be.

I hope your dear friend Miss [page 3] Smith has recovered her usual good health and that my friends at Hull House won't forget me; though I am far away I have many pleasant hours thinking of them. If I return to Chicago the [lodestones] are H.H. and my good relations.

Kindness pursues me and I am grateful for it but at present quiet and sunshine (having it the past five days) and no activities are the physicians orders.

I am enclosing [page 4] much love for you kind friend and hope all is well with you. I was much pleased to find a school here named in your honor. Last evening I mailed a few orange buds and [tiny] roses which I had plucked from the tree and [paraffined?] hoping the odor bright be retained till the little bunch reached you. I must beg pardon for the Ego letter and know I am forgiven.


Zerlina H. Bettman

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