Jane Addams to Lucy Biddle Lewis, May 24, 1922

May 24th

Dear Mrs. Lewis: --

I talked with Jeannette Rankin today about the possibility of her becoming our secretary if the matter could be arranged satisfactorily with the Consumers League. She is most anxious, of course, to keep on with the legislatures at least in three states in which she has worked so long, -- Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky, -- and she feels for that and other reasons that it would not be possible for her to give more than half time but thinks that the two things might be worked in together.

She is full of ideas and believes that we could establish a bureau in Washington through which we could get help of a great many other organizations and actually influence such matters as military [training] in high schools, the abominable provisions in regard to the new Immigration Bill which as I understand it does not allow any [immigrant] to land who does not believe in military service. I may be wrong in this. We have just appointed a committee in our Chicago Branch to look into it.

Miss Rankin is naturally unwilling to do anything without the full consent and good will of Mrs. [Kelley]. I am sending a copy of this letter on to her hoping, however, that she might agree that the combination would be advantageous to both of us. [page 2]

I have been most favorably impressed with the work Jeannette Rankin is doing in the West. She speaks well and is full of suggestions as to the possible lines of Activity.

Faithfully yours,