Alice Robson and Sarah Cordelia Robson to Jane Addams, March, 1922


Dear Miss Addams: --

Sarah and I are both much touched that you should have remembered and given yourself the trouble to send us your book. We shall read it with interest at the very earliest opportunity.

Your little visit the other day was a great pleasure to us. You have been so good in remembering [page 2] us on so many occasions, bringing to us opportunities of which we would so gladly avail ourselves, if only our time and strength were not so exceedingly limited.

We feel sure that in your wide charity you will understand this and not feel -- as so many others would and do -- that we are [willfully] refusing to exert ourselves and enlarge our horizons.

Please believe that it is one of our greatest pleasures [page 3] to further the causes that are dear to you at any time, by any means in our power.

Thanking you again for your visit and the book, in Sarah's name and my own, allow me to subscribe myself

Always affectionately and gratefully yours

Alice Robson

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