Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Executive Committee Meeting Agenda, February 28, 1922



FIRST DAY A.M. Minutes of last meeting, Reports, presented in writing of Secretary-Treasurer, Maison Internationale, [Committees.]

P.M. Our [Program] at Genoa.

Our [Program] at the next Assembly of the League of [Nations.]

SECOND DAY A.M. Plans and Propaganda for Lauenstein and Varese Schools

P.M. Peace Missions (Silesia, Eastern Countries, Baltic land)

THIRD DAY A.M. Our next Congress; Summer School in 1923?

P.M. Free Half Day

FOURTH Day A.M. Discussion of next Congress, continued.

P.M. Passive Resistance and Opposition to War. Polish Proposal for fighting provocation by the press.

FIFTH DAY A.M. Geneva Office, proposal of transfer to Vienna, Finances, Bulletins and publications.

P.M. Education, efforts to draw in Young People.

SIXTH DAY A.M. International Peace Day. No More War demonstration on July 29, 1922.

P.M. Statement of Objects of the League.

Unfinished Business.