Arthur Piper Kellogg to Jane Addams, February 11, 1922


February 11, 1922

Miss [Jane] Addams
Hull House
Chicago, Illinois

Dear Miss Addams:

I am very much embarrassed to receive your check for $5 and the enclosed subscription blank for you are already a member of Survey Associates and that, of course, includes your subscription to The Survey with its Graphic Numbers -- all that we publish.

The subscription blank which you used must have been sent you in error or perhaps it was enclosed in a marked copy mentioning Hull House.

I am assuming that you do not wish a second copy of The Survey, but by any chance this is your wish, will you not let me know.

It occurs to me that rather than go to the trouble of cancelling the check and confusing your bookkeeping (you see I assume you are no better bookkeeper in personal affairs than I am) you might prefer to send the check through for a subscription for one of a number of small Southern colleges which are unable to afford subscriptions or for an extra copy to the Extension Division of the University of Wisconsin which is very eager to have the greatest possible number of copies in its package service to rural communities.

Sincerely yours,

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