Brand Whitlock to Jane Addams, December 10, 1908


10 December, 1908.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Miss Addams:

I am awfully sorry that I have to decline to speak for the women in Chicago next Tuesday night; the more so because you ask it and because it is an effort which has my deepest sympathy; but I have been working very hard lately and I find that the time has come when I must conserve my forces a little bit more than I have been doing, and I do not feel quite up to the task of addressing such an audience as you speak of on a subject without having some time for preparation. I should much prefer to go to Chicago at some other time and in behalf of that cause, if that would suit you just as well.

I should, however, feel deeply disappointed if I did not see you, and Mrs. Whitlock and I should like to be at Hull House, if you could let me off on the speech, I should be willing to go to Hull House on the afternoon of Tuesday and stay there until the next day; indeed, I should like to do this, for I should find great pleasure and profit in being with you and all the good people under your roof. In order to do this, I should have to break an engagement I have made for dinner Tuesday evening, but I think we could get around that if you would let Mrs. Whitlock and me bring Miss Octavia Roberts over to dinner with us, If this arrangement can be made, I should like it very much.

Your very sincere friend,
Brand Whitlock [signed]

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