Jane Addams to Miklós Bánffy, August 27, 1921


August 27, 1921.

Comte [Miklós] Bánffy,
Secretary for Foreign Affairs,
Budapest, [Hungary].

My dear Count Bánffy,

May I ask your kind offices in regard to a teacher in Budapest, Vilma Glücklich, who has long been the President of our Hungarian Branch? Our International Board has invited her to come to our headquarters in Geneva for four months, during the absence of our Secretary, Miss Balch, who will have a vacation in the United States during that time. Our Vienna Congress voted to create an Educational Committee, and it is chiefly in connection with its [organization] in Geneva that Miss Glücklich will occupy herself. Miss Glücklich fears that she may have difficulty in securing a leave of absence unless a special request comes to the Magistrate (the Municipal Authority of Budapest).

We should be most grateful if you could help us there, and I am sure I need not tell you that the request is made in good faith with no ulterior motive.

Miss Hamilton has already returned to America. I am sailing in September, hoping first to visit the meeting of the Assembly of the League of Nations. It will be a great pleasure to see Hungarian Delegates there.

Thanking you again for your hospitality and many kindnesses, I am,

Faithfully yours

J. A. [initialed by secretary]