Anna Garlin Spencer to Jane Addams, May 8, 1921


Dear Miss Addams

My little plot to capture money for the W.I.L.P.F. budget seems to be on the way to some success. Dr. Wilhelm [Börner] of Vienna is here in attendance upon 45th [Anniversary] of Ethical Society as leader of Austrian group. He is profusely interested in [our] W.I.L.P.F. He does not speak English but will deliver an address in German on [page 2] behalf of our Fund. He is very eloquent indeed, and a pacifist most radical. My plan is to get him with you, to address big meeting. You of course in English.

Mr and Mrs Kirchberger my good friends with whom Dr. [Börner] is staying are greatly interested and we plan to get [big] [Lieder Kranz] support for meeting in their Hall. I am trying to get the time and strength (both not very dependable just now) [page 3] to attend their supper Tuesday the 10th and work up interest with the women who will be there. No one could have more influence than the Kirchbergers and I am working through them. Dr. [Börner] will I am sure arouse great interest and if you can be there to make a direct appeal for our Fund of $10,000, there should be results.

I am also getting the interest of a dear lady who will give something and I hope if fate desires me some of the ways of helpfulness I should like to serve in I can help you with financial burden.

I write in haste after terrific day of work. Please give me at once any possible date you [care] for choice by the [Lieder Kranz], for meeting -- if they will give us that lift. Perhaps it would be well to wire me possible dates so I can have all [data] at hand early.

Yours lovingly

Anna Garlin Spencer

Sunday 8th