Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, ca. February 1921



Dear Miss Addams,

I think you will be interested to know that I have applied ↑for membership↓ to the Society of Friends in London and have been admitted. It is something I have had in mind for years but I cannot recall whether I have talked of it with you. I am not in the fervor of conversion but it is a warming and helpful thing to me to be [illegible] ↑in fellowship↓ here with the little Friends' meeting that has been started. I am as frankly [untrinitarian?] as remote from orthodox Christian theology as ever and of course made this [Reason?]. Of course [illegible] going into anything means in a sense [illegible] a going out from what is [with us] (or that is the [illegible]) but I think the remedy is not to refuse to join groups you are in sympathy with but to join [etc ensuring?] you can't either be or appear sectarian or partisan. [page 2] What is central to the Friends is central to me -- the wish to listen as it were, to understand and [illegible] as much as one can and to try to live out as far as one can all that [he] one has of enlightenment -- no creed, no pretending to know what one doesn't know -- and with this a form of worship in which all, men & women, and insiders and outsiders, are free to be channels of expression as well as auditors.

I hope you won't think this step tends in any degree to militate against my [illegible] to the League.

Yours with deep affection

E G B.

You know I am by nature a regular "joiner."

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